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Promoting the making, collecting and studying of all laces throughout the New England area

Annual meeting

NELG's annual meeting will be held at the Joshua Hyde Memorial Library in Sturbridge, MA on Saturday, June 18. 

In addition to our usual opportunity to make lace (either inside or outside, depending on the weather), we will have the election of our Vice President and Treasurer/Membership Officer. The incumbents (Jim Martin and Barbara Morrow respectively) have both agreed to run again.

If you cannot make the meeting, please remember to send in your absentee ballot which can be found on the last page of the May 2016 newsletter or on the newsletters page.

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Upcoming events

24 Jun 2016 (EDT) • Ljubljana. Slovenia
02 Jul 2016 10:00 AM (EDT) • Milford, CT
10 Jul 2016 11:30 AM (EDT) • Eastern Massachusetts

2016 NELG Retreat

NELG is proud to be a Charter Chapter of the International Organization of Lace (IOLI)

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