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October 02, 2012 9:43 AM | Patty Foley
Once again the fair comes to an end.  Yesterday we dismantled the  lace exhibition and received our critiques and prizes.  Thank you to all of you.  To our lace makers for making wonderful lace and your willingness to share your art with all of us, to the volunteers that demonstrated during the fair and explained the difference between pillow lace and tatting, to volunteers that coordinated delivery of your art to and fro the fairgrounds and to Rosalie and to Winann for arranging the display and to Jill for getting the pictures up on the website.

Let us not forget the fair goers - we thank them for stopping by and seeing our lace and sharing stories of the lace makers in their families. 

It is truly an effort by everyone!  Thank You.   Mark your calendar - the fair opens September 13th and runs through September 29th, 2013!


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